SouthBay Design & Landscaping is an employee run company based on old-fashioned values delivering today’s expertise to their clients. We are a dedicated team who find satisfaction pursuing our first and only career. We bring you our combined wealth of experience and professional commitment to each and every project we undertake.

We believe you, as our clients, are entrusting us with more than just a landscaping project. You are inviting us into your lives to enhance your way of life.

To us, your garden is more than flowers and shrubs. It is:

  • a fun play area providing a safe environment for your children
  • an oasis and personal retreat for a tired homeowner
  • or, an outdoor kitchen and dining area to entertain family and friends

SouthBay Design and Landscaping is dedicated to working alongside you, our clients, to bring each design project from a wisp of an idea through the many decisions, to a fully completed project. We work with you, our clients to help plan your vision, bring it to fruition and look forward to the opportunity to be part of future projects, and/or on-going maintenance.

When you hire us, we treat your project as if we are building it for ourselves. As our client, you can trust with confidence that your project is as important to us as it is to you. Approaching each project with the attitude of the homeowner, SouthBay will do everything we can to save you money. Each estimate we prepare includes meticulous detail on how the project will be installed, materials used, and the costs. Our estimates are exacting and specific because we hate changeorders which are most often the cause of cost overruns on projects.

We educate our clients from our first kick-off meeting to the final walk-thru in order to have you, our client, be better prepared understand the nuances of their new garden. Many of our clients often choose to retain us to maintain their properties. They tell us we did a great job and were absolutely wonderful to work with installing the new garden. Now, they just want to be able to enjoy it without the bother of mulching, mowing, or upkeep details. We hope you will invite us to maintain your new outdoor environment.

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